Thursday, October 9, 2008


Well, here it is. Yes, I'm posting again and a little bit excited. This time it's for good. No more four month breaks for me! I'm going to start with what happened over the summer. I went up to Utah where I stayed with my aunt Maren. Maren and I, from there went to EFY at BYU. We stayed in a tiny student dorm with minimal to no air conditioning. It had two beds and a desk. Eight people shared a TINY bathroom in which you had to turn sideways to get to the toilet. I lived with twenty people I had never met for a week and I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever done. If you ever get to go or you get the chance to send your kiddos there, do it. It was great. I did feel very bad for everyone in my company because by the end of the week I smelled foul, I'm sure since I found only two occasions on which the shower was free and I had the time...nasty. I met some really awesome people and had some much fun going to dances and activities with my company. Yes, you read correctly. Dance. Savannah Elison went to a dance(it was required and not my choice). I will edit this when I get home and put some pictures on but i'm at school so I can't. Stay tuned!

Friday, May 30, 2008

A month or so of my life.

WOW, I actually have not written a post in over a month and I do apologize, for whatever reason, but there is nothing in my sad little life worth documenting. Actually, I'm just lazy. Well, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are finals and it's summer baby! WHOO! Well, I suppose I will recap the month. It was a good one. Ok. May 8th: the famous Eisley concert. Let me just say it was amazing and so was The Myriad and Vedera. Seriously a great line up. The same weekend was my cousin Greg's wedding. It was so nice. May 16: Prince Caspian opened and we sure made our way down to Town Square, did some shopping and watched it. I loved it more than the first while others did not. Then May 17-18: Yet another trip to Disneyland. I traveled to the happiest place on earth with Marissa Beckstead, Pam (her mom) as our chaperone, and Marissa's good friend Hannah Lee. That weekend was also Greenspun's eighth grade trip so I got to see my other school friends too. May 20: the annual Spring Orchestra concert. Sage and I preformed in this masterpiece disaster. Nah, actually it wasn't too bad, but the whole stress of it all is, well...stressful. (Hmm, I think I need to dig out the thesaurus.) May 22: my mama's birthday. It was a good one! She's like 70-somethin' now. Oh and my dad's birthday was sandwiched between the concert and Disneyland on the 14th. May 29: Greenspun awards night. two words: bore ing.

And now: I'm sitting here...writing this.

I'm sorry the punctuation is soo bad throughout this whole post and my mom will probably hunt me down with a butter knife but I'm just so lazy and I'm not changing. Sorry my dear mama.
***Note from the mama: As I began reading this post I was about two sentences in when I couldn't stand it anymore! I had to change all of Savannah's incorrect punctuation! It was only when I continued reading as I corrected that I discovered Savannah's prediction at the end. But, no butter knife necessary! I know the password for her blog. I did not change any of Savannah's wording or content (note that it still exaggerates that I am 70 something). And I am sure I missed something. Stop being so lazy, Savannah!!!***

This was a highlight of the show for us because Chauntelle rarely sings with the other girls and we love her voice. And this song.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hello everyone. Let me just start by saying I suck at blogging. Ok. Now I dont know why I havent been posting because a lot has gone on. I went to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm with my orchestra. It was great. I mean the themepark stuff. The actual tour was not. The back of a crowded coach bus, with sick perverted kids playing truth or dare behind you, you are feeling like you will puke out an organ or two and you are stuck in the desert some where between California and Nevada. Just picture this for moment. Oh I almost forgot about the little girl sitting behind me who thought that me in pain was hilarious and that she should spend every waking moment of the trip tormenting me and pulling my hair. Ok, now picture it. Fun. But really in the end it was more fun than not. I love my Disneyland but man Knott's was increadible. So fun. California Screamin' seems like a baby ride now. We only got six hours in Disney which was sad but, I got my churro and frozen lemonade so I was happy. Oh and I saw Push the taking trash can. He is my favorite.The Xcelerator
This was one of my favorites at Knott's

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Dream? A Smoke Alarm? An Explosive Device?

Ok, so last night at about 4:20, or I guess it was this morning, I was awakened by the most annoying, loud, high-pitched sound. It was like the cha-chunk of a bell or something, but don't get the wrong idea here. Not like wedding bells or cathedral bells, like digital bells of agony. At first I thought I was dreaming and then I thought it was some kind of smoke alarm, and yes even when I thought it was a smoke alarm I just lay there on the couch like a lump. Scary. I heard my grandma say, "It's coming from this drawer!" My first thought was Oh crap, it's a bomb. I just know it's a bomb. I got up and saw my poor grandmother rummaging through the junk drawer in search of the mysterious and ever so annoying "bomb." When she located it she held it up and handed it to me. It was my fathers phone making the horrendous sound. I turned it off and gave it a dirty look. I decided I would not tell my dad that his alarm was going off and that would just serve as his punishment for waking up our guests. This morning I looked at his phone and re-listened to the "antelope chime" as the Blackberry calls it. It really wasn't as loud as it seemed at four in the morning. Still, quite annoying and good enough for me to write a blog about it.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wow, Two in One Day

Um, I am in love with this video. I mean one of my favorite singers, Sara Quin from Tegan and Sara, singing on The Reason's video. Dream come true. For real. And if you know me you know my insane and unhealthy obsession with music videos, so expect more of these type of things.

Don't lose faith, my friends!

Well hello everyone. I know I haven't posted in a while and...I'm sorry? I don't know if thats what I should say. Today my poor father is slaving away, putting wood floors in my room which I am so super excited for. Vintage Chestnut. Even the name sounds cool. Man, you guys, my room may have looked clean but I'm telling you, I filled two and a half garbage bags full of stuff just from under my bed! Seriously disgusting.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Music and Food could be brothers

Well my friends, scary as it may sound, I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the similarities between music and food.

1. Life simply would suck without them

2. Both can leave a bad taste in your mouth or leave you crying for more

3. Both can bring memories, feelings, and nostalgia

4. Both can make you fat (just kidding)

5. It ain't a party without 'em

6. Certain kinds can make you feel nauseated

7. Beats-Beets

8. Both are essential for fun

9. Disneyland has them both and it is the happiest place on earth

10. Both bring people together